Even if you’ve been to many Italian cities, nothing prepares you for the exuberant, colorful, and sometimes chaotic hubbub of Naples. In the last few years Naples has become one of the favourite destinations for all those Italian and foreign tourists who love spending their holidays in cities of artistic interest.

Buildings, churches, streets, ancient fortresses and castles in the sea, as well as natural caves and places impregnated with mystery and mysticism, all of which makes Naples unforgettable in the minds of all travellers.

No only natural stages, but places symbolic of the city, an integral part of its history, of mythology and the legends that have touched it. the word culture has in Naples a special meaning, indeed it stands for collecting and illustrating the great heritage of the city. This heritage is made of many historical, artistic and archaeological sites, moreover it is characterized bya modern spirit that gives the opportunity to create and re-create new material.